The Groovy Resource Library
The Groovy Resource Library

The Groovy Resource Library

Groove is the on-demand digital coworking space for people whose work doesn’t fit into a neat little box.

We love learning, discovering new tools to help us work smarter, and connecting with great humans. Who better to ask for the best tools and tips than Groovers themselves?

This list is by no means definitive, but by all means a pretty great start to help you get a little more guidance as you navigate your wavy career path 🏄‍♀️ 

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🧠 Learning / Workshops

  • SuperHi
  • IndeCollective
  • “I was part of their 10-week cohort and it was really intense, but it was awesome. Just being exposed to the caliber of speakers that they brought in each week and the content around re-imagining your business, how you can approach your services more as a product, how you price things… kind of a whole soup to nuts way of envisioning business so that you can work smarter, not harder. I learned about so many different tools and apps that I would not have known about before that I’ve incorporated into my business. There’s definitely nothing like that locally where I am.” - Kat

  • Domestika / Udemy / Skillshare
  • Pocket
  • This podcast playlist
  • Freelance University
  • Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans
  • “If anyone is in the middle of, or wants to approach a transition in their career, I cannot recommend this book more highly. It changed the trajectory of my career and gave me permission to recognize not only what I want, but what I need through really practical and helpful exercises. I recommend doing it with a friend!” - Bri

  • Candid for leveling up your skills, like fundraising and grantmaking
  • Pollen for content on how to level up your business
  • Brainstorm Road for guided sessions on finishing a project
  • Manuscripts for launching and publishing your book 📚

📝 Organizing

  • Harlow
  • Wethos
  • A written planner
    1. A few of our faves are:

    2. Passion Planner
    3. Planner from Art Problems
  • Notion
  • “Notion is my go to for projects/notes and almost anything.” - Avraham

  • Todoist
  • “Todoist is everything I wish other project management or productivity apps were: simple. No superfluous features, just a space to plan and execute on the never ending list of my projects.” - Hannah

  • Airtable
  • “I just started using Airtable for things like organizing my content calendar and budget/income and it seems pretty simple (at this point).” - Kristina

  • Basecamp
  • “Helps me keep my sanity by organizing different projects.” - Saurabh

  • Dropbox Paper 
  • “A much cleaner, faster, more intuitive alternative to Google Docs.” - Saurabh

  • Toggl
  • OneTab
  • “I use OneTab to save assorted articles and products I’m eyeing.” - Jason

💰 Finances

  • Lance
  • QuickBooks
  • “QuickBooks has served me well for years. And so far I haven’t been audited or having to pay an extraordinary amount of taxes yet. So fingers crossed 🤞” - Sheila

  • Wingspan
  • You Need a Budget (YNAB)
  • “At a glance I know how much I have saved for taxes, how much I can pay myself, and what percent of my fixed expenses are paid for each month. No need to deal with multiple bank accounts or worry about variable income messing up a spreadsheet.” - Hannah

  • Wave
  • “I use it to generate invoices and estimates and accept payments. My clients can pay through Wave if they prefer. It’s free to use and they just take a small percentage of payments if someone pays via Wave.” - Brandy

  • Dubsado
  • Novo Bank
  • “I love using Novo Bank because it is free, whereas a lot of traditional business accounts have fees associated or minimum balances required. For a solopreneur like myself, very new to contract & freelance work, it was easy to find, start, and start funding. A huge benefit is that Novo is brand new, which means you are evolving along with it, including partnerships with other key integrations like Stripe, Quickbooks, and more!” - Katie

  • Wise
  • You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero
  • “The book changed my life by giving me the kick in the pants I needed to go after the frightening opportunities that would allow me to have more time, revenue, and wealth!” - Rukayatu

🤝 New work opportunities/Communities

  • Contra
  • “Contra has two main draws: 1) Their Slack community is incredibly supportive and full of resources, especially for first-time freelancers, and 2) Contra is a great platform to host your portfolio and streamline client onboarding and payments with no fees taken from you like other marketplaces. The company also constantly asks for feedback from those actively using the platform and vets clientele for well-paying and quality projects.” - Kristina

  • Freelance Founders
  • ilovecreatives
  • Lunchclub
  • “I really liked Lunchclub when I was first thinking of leaving my job and when I first started freelancing. It pairs you up with random people that could be in your field. It could be in your city or you can leave it really open. It was just such a great way to have these random coffee dates with people and ask them questions about their experience.” - Brandy

  • Local entrepreneur or networking groups
  • “I’m part of this group called Vermont Womenpreneurs which is a group of women working in business in different industries, getting together to have community and share honestly about how things are going for them. There are tons of groups like that, so I try to be ruthless about what resonates with me and what doesn’t.” - Kat

    “I actually love going to networking events. I found random ones or recommendations from friends. I like to go to networking events and usually observe, but then talk to people, ask them their stories.” - Tirza

  • Bark
  • Indie Founders on Meetup

🧳 Nomad lifestyle

📨 Email

🎨 Design / Creating

  • Canva
  • “Like most design-challenged marketers, I could not live without Canva. I use it for creating everything from social media posts to decks, to even email graphics and designs. It’s a lifesaver. As a freelancer working with different brands, it’s great to have all of the different brand kits that you can save on there so that you can just go straight to their colors and fonts. - Brandy

  • Descript
  • “It’s really good if you have to edit audio and video. A lot of people are using it for TikTok editing, or you can even use it for some light podcast editing. It makes it really intuitive and you don’t really need to know fancy video software. - Brandy

  • Grammarly
  • “I use the Grammarly app on my computer — I can type directly into it, or upload a document and they do their thing!” - Tirza

  • Loom 
  • “I love the app Loom because I do a ton of videos, and Loom makes it easy for me. I can do it on my computer and on my phone as well. And it’s free.” - Sheila

  • Nappy
  • “If you need stock photos of black and brown people, check out Nappy.” - Gigi

  • Kittl “This is an addictively fun vector graphics tool, like Adobe Illustrator but a lot lighter and easier to use.” -Tova
  • Pexels

⏰ Time-saving tools

  • Text Expander
  • “It's SO helpful and saves me time by creating shortcuts for links and complex canned responses that contain multiple options or customized text. 10/10 recommend as one of the few tools I pay for to make my work much easier.” - Bri

  • LinkedIn Feed Blocker
  • “Just like that, you’ll be cruising through LinkedIn without all those tempting distractions!” - Avraham

  • Glasp
  • “Helps me organize my notes and highlights, plus there's a community on there that share their notes, summaries, really useful articles/books, and other cool stuff.” - Gigi

  • Beep
  • Async — here’s a message from Taylor, our Head of Community on Async

☮️ Mental health/Unplugging

  • Ziva meditation
  • “It’s a two week online class that you can take. It seems expensive, but I think you have access to it for a year and it’s so good. You do it 15 minutes, twice a day. I started in January 2021, and I’m still consistently meditating everyday once a day. It’s very meaningful.” - Kat

  • Shine app
  • “They have a lot of meditations. The initial reason why I downloaded that app was because I had trouble sleeping, and they have these bedtime stories that I would have running and then would fall asleep in like three minutes.They have other meditations, different daily check-ins, little articles or meditations that work for, say, commuting or increasing productivity or letting go of something.” - Tirza

  • Forest app 
  • Yoga with Adriene
  • “As one of my favorite wellness YouTube channels, Yoga with Adrienne has a wide variety of videos that help everyone from beginners to expert yogis. I've personally been able to keep my promise of morning (or afternoon) yoga three times a week because Adrienne's calming videos always make me feel more centered and less stressed after every session - which works perfectly when I have a busy workload and need to take a moment to stop overthinking everything.” - Kristina

  • Freedom
  • “Absolutely can’t work on the internet without this. Helps me with my ADHD and in getting things done.” - Saurabh

  • lululemon Mirror
  • “It adds tremendous value to my day! Best pandemic purchase by far!!” - Laura

  • Books / Kindle / Libby
  • “I love regular paper books. I love highlighting and underlining, and I like opening them up again and feeling how I felt when I opened them the last time physically, but because of where I live I can’t, so I use the Libby app and my Kindle a lot. That’s a really wonderful combination.” - Anna

  • Audible
  • “It helps me listen to so many more books so many times.” - Saurabh

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