The Groove Roadmap
The Groove Roadmap

The Groove Roadmap

“Map out your future – but do it in pencil.” – Bon Jovi



Need to get oriented?

Roadmap Description

Hey there! 👋 Welcome. This is the Groove Product Roadmap where you can learn what new features and updates are in the pipeline. It’s a way to zoom out and see the big picture.

Community is at the heart of Groove ❤️ We believe in co-creating the future of Groove with Groovers. It’s important to us to shine a light on what the future holds as we grow and to share a clear feedback process for those excited to contribute along the way.


We are a small team and make thoughtful decisions quickly. This roadmap isn’t set in stone. This is being shared for information purposes only and not as a binding commitment. We will adjust our plans as we learn more through seeing how people interact with the platform, as we hear new feedback from the community and team, and as we come up with new ideas.

Have feedback or ideas about where we’re heading?

Submitting feedback

If you have a feature you would love to see in Groove or feedback on the roadmap, we’d love to hear it! Please send us an email at Details are much appreciated.

Please know that not all feature ideas will or can be implemented and some may take on new shapes as we bring them to life.

🧗‍♀️ Working on now:

Ways to more easily get matched up with other Groovers Helping Groovers grow their orbits and find people they’d like to connect with.

Ways to get Grooving with 5+ others who share things in common with you, or onboard people you have groups with IRL, to Groove together.

🎯 Working on next:

Partnership communities Creating an MVP for what it could look like to onboard an existing community of creatives straight into Groove.
Contacts and/or social media integration Making it easy for Groovers to see who they know already inside the Groove app and invite friends in.

💭 Considering:

Badges Groove + invite people with a specific community or interest (#creative-mornings, #musicians, etc)
Longer-term task management A universal Groove task list that you can fill in anytime and from which you can pull tasks into your current Groove.
Improvements in chats

React to messages with fun emojis, and have links show up as pretty previews rather than just text.

🚀 Launched:

Scheduled Grooves starting soon If a scheduled Groove is starting soon, it’s bumped up to the top of the homepage.
Celebrate accomplishments

Groovy graphics to celebrate milestones with a share button to post them on social media or send them to a friend.

Making our FAQ and demo more accessible

Clicking the lightbulb in the app will help folks find our FAQ and a video about how Groove works.

Share page improvements Providing Groovers with the ability to share Groove with a friend while inside a Groove.
Access your task list when the keyboard is up in a Groove No more playing peek-a-boo with your task list button in the Groove chat, it’ll always be accessible.
Branding updates Subtle graphics update in the app to make it match our new website.
Creating an orbit request Ask someone if they’d like to be a part of your orbit, aka Groove with you.
Managing your orbit settings To help you control when Groove searches beyond your orbit. By default, clicking ‘Start a Groove’ will search for Groovers in your orbit for the first minute and then expand outside of that if no one has joined you.
Creating a Groove for just your orbit Orbits will help you find a balance between seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends. Learn more about orbits here. New Groovers will unlock orbit features after Grooving 5 times.
New welcoming experience Groove’s Welcome Crew will host Scheduled Grooves for new Groovers.
Confirmation pop-up to start a Groove Clicking “Start a Groove” will open a pop-up to confirm you’re ready to get going. This is so that you can’t start a Groove by accident. (aka butt-Groove)
Groove again Option to hop into another public Groove with the same people, immediately after completing one.
New Groover onboarding flow Updated way of making an account and entering Groove for the first time, that will cause fewer account-creation bugs and need less troubleshooting.
Searching for Groovers timer When you click “Start a Groove” the progress bar will fill up over the course of five minutes. If no one joins you, it times out and you’re encouraged to try again. (So that you won’t forget about a Groove you created and be missing when someone shows up.)
Chat improvements Ability to message people 1:1 or in small groups, even if you haven’t all Grooved together.
New website launched Visit to check it out!
Private Grooves Opportunity to create a private Groove directly inside a group chat.
Grooving hours card on the home page for new Groovers To notify new Groovers that they can set their Grooving hours.
Grooving hours - settings interface update To make it clearer which of your hours are set to “on” vs “off”, and when you are getting notifications.
New person indication Inside the pre-Groove chat, you’ll be able to see if someone is a “Groover you haven't met yet”.
Chats Ability to message someone after a Groove ends.
Groover spotlights Highlighting some of the awesome people in this community.
Pre-groove nudge Subtly help remind everyone to be considerate of one another’s time in pre-groove chat.
New Onboarding Flow New Groovers now see a step-by-step ‘how to Groove’ when they sign in for the first time. Everyone can see this walk-through by clicking the light bulb — it’s great for showing friends in person how Groove works.
Sync your scheduled Grooves to your Google Calendar
Add custom titles to a Groove Title your scheduled Grooves around a topic or habit. For example, you might schedule a “To-Do Planning” Groove on Mondays to set priorities for the week while others do the same.
Schedule Grooves into the future Coordinate when you want to Groove with someone else or plan when you want to dedicate time to something. In the future, you will be able to schedule Grooves with specific people.
Add photos inside your in-Groove chat messages To send pictures of what you accomplished while in the Groove.
Search Groovers A step to create infrastructure for chats and discovery of new people in the future.
Delete chat messages and tasks

Curious how we decide on new features? 🤔