Tech Support FAQ

Tech Support FAQ

Hey there! Rumor has it you’re having some tech trouble. Let’s get to the bottom of this so you’re back to Grooving in no time ⏰

Logging in 🚪

“The Groove app isn’t loading correctly.”
“It’s my first time signing into the Groove app. I’m clicking the email confirmation, but it just takes me back to the Groove website to apply instead of opening the Groove app.”
“It’s my first time signing into the Groove app. When I type my email into the app, it says I need to apply to join, but I got an email granting me access or my friend gave me their special share link, so I should be able to get in right away.”

Changing your settings ⚙️

“I can’t find my settings to change my bio, notifications, etc.”
“I want to stop getting notifications at all hours of the day from Groove. Can I turn off notifications for specific hours?”
“I need to change what email address is associated with my Groove account.”
“I Grooved with someone who I’d prefer not to Groove with again.”

Scheduled Grooves 📅

“My friend created a Scheduled Groove. I’m on the Groove app right now. It’s 2pm, which is when they said it would start, but I don’t see them waiting for me. I didn’t RSVP in advance to join them.”
I keep missing my Scheduled Grooves. Is there a way to get reminders to join them?

Audio 🎙

I hear an echo when I talk in Groove or when someone else is talking.
“I’m trying to regroup, but no one can hear or see me. I can hear and see them.”

Downloading Groove 📲

How do I download the Groove app on my phone?

Need some additional tech support? 📧

We’re sorry you’re having trouble! Send us a note at and please indicate what device you’re on. If possible, send screenshots or a screen recording to share exactly what you’re seeing.