Groove spaces are brand-new and designed to help you Groove with others around a commonality.

Click the links below from your phone 📱 to add yourself to our very first spaces:

  • The "Morning rituals" space
    • Kick off your day with morning pages, meditation, drinking tea, prepping your to-dos, moving your body, and doing whatever you need to get into your daily flow 🧡 This Groove space supports you in staying consistent with your routines.
  • The "Writing" space
    • Writing is tough, but it gets a whole lot easier when you have a community to hold you accountable to getting words onto the page and into the world. Writers of all kinds - bring your laptops, typewriters, pens, and pencils to this space 📝
  • The "People helping people" space
    • Altruistic, aspirational, and all-around awesome people who have built their careers around helping others - hey! This is your space. Groove with others 🌠
  • The “Third Nature” space
    • Whether you've been to Conscious Conversations, Summer Camp, or any other Third Nature experience, join the fun in Grooving with others 🏕️
  • The “Indecollective” space
    • IndeCollective members unite! 🤝 Join to Groove with other Inde alumni and students.

You can join as many spaces as you would like.



How's it work and why is it cool?

  • Now, you can create a Groove specifically for people who are conquering their morning rituals, doing work that helps others, writing, etc. 🏄‍♀️
  • Try it for yourself. After clicking the links above, open the Groove app and click “Start a Groove” on the home screen and select a space to get going.
  • When you go to schedule a Groove, you’ll see a similar option. If someone else in this space starts a Groove, it will be available for you to join on the home screen.

This first iteration is suuuuper simple—the tech wizards on our team are actively building more features to support spaces.

Two things to note: Do not Groove together settings still work inside of a space. You will not be matched up with a Groover who you select this setting for. And, the spaces you’re in will be seen on your profile.

Join a Groove for a space today.