Join a Groove Accountability Crew

Join a Groove Accountability Crew

Be matched up in a 3-person Groove crew for a week FULL of accountability! How does it work?

  • 📆 The magic will start on Monday at 9am ET or 12pm ET on Zoom where fellow Groover, Andrea Reeves, will lead a quick 15-minute goal-setting session ✨ During this session, you’ll also be assigned to your 3-person Groove crew.
  • After setting our individual goals for the week via Zoom, you’ll go straight into an hour-long coworking session with your crew in the Groove app. You’ll share your intentions/goals for the week, in addition to whatever you want to work on in that hour. During the 50 minutes of focus, you can work on something related to your goal or not—your call!
  • Each day (Monday-Friday) you’re expected to check-in with your crew inside the chat in the morning. Andrea will be in the group chat with you and share some suggestions to make it easy to share your intentions for the day and reflections/celebrations…if you’re an early riser, feel free to respond in your group chat before Andrea’s prompting! This daily accountability happens asynchronously.
  • Groove together! We strongly encourage crews to find more time to Groove together after our Monday kickoff call—that burst of connection in a Groove can help make your level of commitment to each other soar! Tap “+Groove” in the top right corner of your Groove group chat to create a private Groove for just you all to join, or pre-schedule a Groove from the home screen and ask your fellow crew members to register.
  • If your crew this week is having a difficult time finding time to Groove together, no worries! Each week, everyone who’s participating in accountability crews (whether in the 9AM or 12PM session) will add the crew emoji for the week to their name in Groove. That way you know who else is committing to a week of extra accountability and ask each other about how your goals are coming this week!

‼️ To participate in a week-long crew, you MUST be available for the full 75-minute kickoff & coworking session on Monday at either 9am or 12pm Eastern. By attending, you’re also committing to a daily chat check-in Monday-Friday of this week. This works best when everyone is 110% into it!

📲 You’ll also need to be on Groove to join an accountability crew. All crew communication will happen in the app. Here's the link to download:

Are you in? 💜 RSVP now to stay focused on what’s most important and get to know fellow Groovers better!

🌍 We’re dreaming of this being really valuable and popular in the community and hope to one day offer this in other time zones. If you’re interested in that, please fill out this form.

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