Get coffee with Groovers in your city to kick off 2024!

We’re paying for Groovers to get coffee on us and meet up IRL in January! Click on a city near you to share your availability. If you’re traveling to one of these cities in January and are interested in attending a coffee meet-up there, fill out the poll for that city.

Our dream is for there to be dozens of Groover coffee meet-ups across the country. Next month is a special month for us as we launch out of beta and into a paid Groove membership (starting January 23rd) so is a fun way for us to celebrate 🎉

How will it work?

  • Fill out your city’s availability form above before Thursday, January 4th @ 11:59pm ET.
  • We’ll email you and 1-3 other Groovers who are also available on the same dates and leave it to you to figure out the exact timing and a meet-up spot.
  • One person attending the coffee hang with get a special mystery envelope in the mail from the Groove team 👀 you’ll open it together once you’ve arrived at the coffee shop. This same person will receive a digital Visa gift card to pay for all of your coffees ☕️

We’re so excited for you all to have a sweet time together and grow your orbit 😉 in your city! We truly cannot wait to hear stories.

We also hope that this creates a fun buzz on social media afterward. Our ask is that you and the other Groovers who attend post a picture together on social after 📸 We’d love to see smiling Groovers across our feeds! Not in a salesy “Join Groove” way, but a “Hey I’ve met some pretty awesome humans in this community, here’s a pic of me with some of them!”

🌍 Given that the majority of our community is based in the US, we’re focusing on US cities only for this and ones we know have a bunch of Groovers. If you live in a US city not listed above and would love to participate, email us at and we’ll try our best to find other Groovers near you! The more Groover coffee dates, the merrier!